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A successful scenario for a payment sequence from the customer's perspective would be as follows:

1 Customer Confirms Order on Merchant's Website

For example, this illustration shows a fictitious checkout page that is the last step in ordering items from the website (Illustration 1). When the customer clicks the highlighted "Checkout" link they leave the merchant's site and land on E-xact Transactions' Payment Pages payment form.


2 Customer Lands on the Payment Pages Payment Form


The payment form in this example is configured for both credit card and Interac Online payments and the customer can easily choose between these two options.

Section 3 shows the customer experience for the credit card payment option while Section 4 shows the customer experience for the Interac Online option.

3 Customer Experience: Credit Card Payment

The customer enters their credit card information in the payment form and clicks the "Pay With Your Credit Card" button. The payment is immediately processed while the customer is shown a wait screen.

3.1 Credit Card Payment is Processed



3.2 Credit Card Payment Customer Receipt

If the credit card information is correct, the payment is processed and the customer shown their receipt:


4 Customer Experience: Interac Online Payment

When the customer hits the "Pay From Your Bank Account" button they are taken to the next step in the payment sequence. This page is not normally visible to the customer as it redirects automatically when the web browser has JavaScript turned on. If JavaScript is disabled they will need to hit the "Continue Payment" button.

4.1 Customer is Redirected to Interac Online


4.2 Customer Chooses Their Bank at Interac Online

After the customer selects their bank, they are directed to log in at the bank's website, select the appropriate bank account, and are then redirected back to the Payment Pages site. The payment is immediately finalized.


4.3 Interac Online Payment is Processed


4.4 Interac Online Customer Receipt

When the payment has been finalized, the receipt is displayed to the customer.



5 Customer Experience: PayPal Payment

The customer submits their PayPal account information, and confirms the payment with PayPal and E-xact before being displayed a receipt for their transaction.

5.1 Customer is Redirected to PayPal


5.2 Customer Reviews PayPal Information


5.3 Customer Confirms Payment


5.4 PayPal Customer Receipt


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