Transaction Processing API Error Numbers and Descriptions

The error number and description values sent in the response indicate the status of how a request was handled by the Transaction Processing API. The error number value “0” indicates that no error occurred while handing the request. A non “0” value indicates that an error occurred.

The error values may be passed back through the “detail” element of a Soap Exception or in the response properties Error_Number and Error_Description. The possible error values are defined in the table below.

If a Code Element has a “Client” value, this indicates that the incoming message was incorrectly formed or did not contain the appropriate information in order to succeed. It is a general indication that the message should not be resent without change.

If a Code Element has a “Server” value, this indicates that the incoming message could not be processed for reasons not directly attributable to the contents of the message itself but rather to the processing of the message. The same message may succeed at a later point in time.

Code Element Error Number Error Description
  0/200 No error occurred. No details returned.
Client 400 Bad Request. Additional details.
Client 401 Unauthorized. Additional details.
Client 402 Payment Required. Additional details.
Client 403 Forbidden. Additional details.
Client 404 Not Found. Additional details.
Client 405 Method Not Allowed. Additional details.
Client 406 Not Acceptable. Additional details.
Client 407 Proxy Authentication Required. Additional details.
Client 408 Request Timeout. Additional details.
Client 409 Conflict. Additional details.
Client 410 Gone. Additional details.
Client 411 Length Required. Additional details.
Client 412 Precondition Failed. Additional details.
Client 413 Request Entity Too Large. Additional details.
Client 414 Request-URI Too Long. Additional details.
Client 415 Unsupported Media Type. Additional details.
Client 416 Requested Range Not Suitable. Additional details.
Client 417 Expectation Failed. Additional details.
Server 500 Internal Server Error. Additional details.