How to Upload Batches

Batches can be uploaded through QuickKey and Recurring

ExactPay offers two file upload options: one under Quick Key (under POS) and for Recurring.  The required format for the CSV file can be found here.  Payeezy Gateway does not currently offer an API interface for batch uploads. 

Quick Key POS

The use case for this batch upload option is for small to medium MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) merchants who collect credit card information through third party software and need to quickly process transactions through a single batch.  The Quick Key POS batch upload allows for up to 250 transactions per file. 

Recurring Plan

For merchants seeking to upload larger batch files, but don’t necessarily need to set up recurring plans, the recurring upload is a viable option due to its larger file capacity of 10,000 transactions. Simply choose “once” from the recurring frequency option menu to ensure that the transactions only get processed one time.  It’s very important to only choose “once” if you don’t plan to use the file for future transactions.