How do I format AVS data if I use Chase Paymentech or Moneris as a processor?

E-xact's Address Verification String Request Property, VerificationStr1, needs to be sent through with every transaction to receive an AVS Response. This field cannot exceed 29 characters in length. If any of the address fields are not available or not applicable, they may be omitted. If available, the last 5 or 9 digits, without embedded spaces, should be the zip code. Numbers are not spelled out. (First Street becomes 1ST Street, Second becomes 2ND, etc) The Address is provided in the VerificationStr1 field and must be formatted as follows:

Currently, the two address elements are supported:
# Street Address
# Zip Code

These two elements need to be formatted in VerifcationStr1 as:

streetaddress|zipcode note: "|" is hex(7C)

For example: Address: 1234567 LOUGHEED HIGHWAY 902101234

AVS String (correct): 1234567LOUGHEEDHIGHW|902101234 ("HIGHWAY" is trimmed to "HIGHW" to fit 29-character field)

AVS String (incorrect): 1234567LOUGHEEDHIGHWAY|902101234 ("HIGHWAY" is NOT trimmed to "HIGHW" to fit 29-character field)

Address: 1391 ELM STREET 40404

AVS String (incorrect): 1391ELMSTREET40404 (no "|" character between the street and ZIPCODE)

AVS String (correct): 1391ELMSTREET|40404 ("|"between street and the ZIPCODE)

Address: P.O. BOX 24356 55555

AVS String (correct): P.O.BOX24356|55555 ("|" between a numeral and the ZIPCODE)

AVS String (incorrect): P.O.BOX2435655555 (no "|")

Address: 1234 FIRST STREET 40404

AVS String (correct): 12341STSTREET|40404 (FIRST STREET is spelled as 1ST STREET)

AVS String (incorrect): 1234FIRSTSTREET|40404 (FIRST STREET is NOT spelled as 1ST STREET)

In order to simulate an AVS response in the test environment, place the AVS character that you would like returned as the first character of VerificationStr1.

The AVS return codes are listed here:

For example, in order to receive W as your AVS response, send the following in VerificationStr1: