E-xact Response Codes (ETG Codes)

The Exact Response code indicates the status of a transaction as it is sent to the financial institution and returned to the client. The Response Code "00" (Transaction Normal) indicates that the transaction was processed normally. Any response other than "00" indicates that it was not normal.


  • Exact_Resp_code    char(2)
  • Exact_Message       char(50)

In all cases the Exact_Resp_code is accompanied by a brief Exact_Message, which gives a description of the code.

In the case of a non "00" Exact_Resp_code, the developer has an option as to how that transaction is presented to the customer and what further steps should be taken to ensure proper transaction flow.

The table below gives some guidelines as to what each response code means and what actions should be taken when it is returned. In all cases, a fully populated Customer Transaction Record (CTR) is returned and should be displayed to the cardholder in accordance with bank requirements.

This response code indicates that the transaction was processed normally. Please refer to the bank and approval response information for bank approval Status.
00 Transaction Normal
The following response codes indicate invalid data in the transaction. In these cases, the data should be changed before attempting to resend the transaction. These response codes are generated by the remote Plug-In. They will not appear on the E-xact website.
08 CVV2/CID/CVC2 Data not verified
22 Invalid Credit Card Number
25 Invalid Expiry Date
26 Invalid Amount
27 Invalid Card Holder
28 Invalid Authorization No
31 Invalid Verification String
32 Invalid Transaction Code
57 Invalid Reference No
58 Invalid AVS String, The length of the AVS String has exceeded the max. 40 characters
60 Invalid Customer Reference Number
63 Invalid Duplicate
64 Invalid Refund
68 Restricted Card Number
The following response codes indicate a problem with the merchant configuration at the financial institution. Please contact E-xact for further investigation.
11 Invalid Sequence No
12 Message Timed-out at Host
13 Required Field ID Missing
21 BCE Function Error
23 Invalid Response from Vital
30 Invalid Date From Host
The following response codes indicate a problem with the E-xact host or an error in the merchant configuration. Please contact E-xact for further investigation.
XX No Response Code
10 Invalid Transaction Description
14 Invalid Gateway ID
15 Invalid Transaction Number
16 Connection Inactive
17 Unmatched Transaction
18 Invalid Reversal Response
19 Unable to Send Socket Transaction
20 Unable to Write Transaction to File
24 Unable to Void Transaction
40 Unable to Connect
41 Unable to Send Logon
42 Unable to Send Trans
43 Invalid Logon
52 Terminal not Activated
53 Terminal/Gateway Mismatch
54 Invalid Processing Center
55 No Processors Available
56 Database Unavailable
61 Socket Error
62 Host not Ready
The following response codes indicate the final state of a transaction. In the event of one of these codes being returned, please contact E-xact for further investigation.
70 Transaction Placed in Queue
71 Transaction Popped from Queue
72 Transaction Sent to Bank
73 Transaction Received from Bank
74 Transaction Returned to Client
75 Transaction Acknowledged
76 Reversal Pending
77 Reversal Complete
79 Reversal Sent to Bank
98 Record Sent to Bank
99 Record Read from File